Rooftop Scene

Hello blender artists, here’s an environment scene for my personal short. It was a great study integrating different workflows into blender.

As to materials, some textures are created in Substance Painter, and for practical studying PBR in blender, some materials are build from ground up use cycle build-in shader and procedural maps. Composite in Natron.

Still much to learn about, and hope you guys enjoy this one! C&C always welcome.

Final Image

Env Volume


Impressive just to see a Natron node post. I use it, but rarely for more than throwing an image sequence together to a final anim. I’m aware that it’s extremely capable, and in a few iterations down the road, could be a rival to AfterEffects.

The downside, of course, is that much as Blender is a departure from the standard (and I’ve given up on commercial alternatives now to use Blender exclusively), Natron is a similar departure, and I’m sure will also find a very strong community.

EDIT: Nice image, by the way :slight_smile:

hi Roken,

Thanks for your comment:D

Natron has been put in my toolset for a while. to me, the composite workflow in Natron is more straight forward. plus OCIO is supported in Natron, which allows me to handle color space more well(not in this case). I believe what I’ve done in Natron is just common composite process,and doable in blender or any other commercial packages.

If you are familiar with OFX, Natron support OFX 1.4 which is commonly used in most commercial package as well. this is another advantage makes me want to go Natron.

FYI, the upper part of my composite tree is based on blender cycle lighting passes formula, you can check it here:
this way, you can easily control the intensity of each part of light as you want.