Rooftops [ Tutorial on page 2]

(blenditall) #1

This is what I’ve been doing for the last while. As usual, I’ll accept any criticism/comments.

I can post wires, nodes, or any other explanation if anybody wants it.
Edit: Added some dirt on the windows.

(Imperitor) #2

great job, great textures.

(blenditall) #3

Thanks. Yeah, this was actually mainly a texturing/lighting exercise.

(Pash) #4

Thats awesome,only crit is that the angle makes you wonder for a second :smiley:

(blenditall) #5

Um… not sure I get it…:confused:

(Ace Dragon) #6

Nice, but a bit noisy, just lower the noise and it’ll look a bit better.

(blenditall) #7

The actual render isn’t really like that (it’s noisy, but it looks good, like AO) – unfortunately, this is the result of the jpg compression…:mad:

(SURFiNG) #8

imho it’s awesome!
was it rendered with Yafray?

(blenditall) #9

Thank you :slight_smile:
And heck no! Blender internal all the way!:wink:

(Orinoco) #10

Nice work. Only discordant bit is the perfectly clean window panes in an obviously low-maintanance part of town. I would like to see how much is model, how much is texture, especially on the roof tiles. They’ve been driving me up the wall on one of my own projects.

(blenditall) #11

Orinoco: The window thing is very true… But there is actually a colour map on it (dirt, etc.)… but I couldn’t figure out why it barely shows up in the render…:no:

Anyway, here’s a screenshot.

(Ace Dragon) #12

It’s probably because the window reflection is so high you can barely see the dirt.

Use a black and white version of the dirt map to affect the raymir value, just set raymir to 0 (with the button still pushed) then in the reflection map panel set it to affect the raymir value.

(blenditall) #13

Ooh, thanks, good idea.
So the dirt (parts I don’t want reflective) would have to be black, right?

(Ace Dragon) #14

The Raymir button can do it in reverse too so don’t worry about if you have it black or white. Simply use a greyscale reflection map.

(blenditall) #15

Thanks, I’ve never used that button before, really. Update coming up.

(_RK_) #16

Probably not very constructive crit but… great work. Very nice light color contrast.

(blenditall) #17

RK: Thanks. (It doesn’t have to be constructive :slight_smile: )

And by the way, Orinoco, if you’re still trying to do the tiles, I can tell you how I did them in detal. Just ask;)

(dudewithasock) #18

Cool stuff. Reminds me of this one level from SOCOM 2.

(TheANIMAL) #19

Can i suggest widening the camera angle a bit so that you can see a bit more of everything? On the whole it is a good peice.

(blenditall) #20

dudewithasock: … What is that? (I’m not really a gamer)
TheANIMAL: Well… there’s nothing else there to see, lol. What you see is all I modeled… plus, I think it gives it a cramped city feel. But I would definitely try it if there was more there:yes:

Thanks for your replies.