Rookie's Greeting

Just wanted to say “Hi” and congratulate Blender on being an awesome 3D app. I’ve always wanted to learn 3D modeling, perhaps even try it as a career since it’s something that’s always captured my attention…and Blender just rocks compared to everything else I’ve used.

Ignoring the slew of “freeware 3D modeling” programs that are more primitive than the map editors that come with most games now, I used 3Ds Max 9 for a while because it was (from what I could find at the time) the best out there. Blender is so much better…honest :smiley:

I’ve read people complaining about the “ever-changing” UI, but it’s so much easier to learn a circumstantial based UI than constantly slamming into walls trying to do the simplest things, which was the case with 3Ds Max. Object manipulation (and the convenience of having a “non-edit” mode to move things around so you don’t accidentally misshape things) and camera controls are so much easier and intuitive. I’ve done all my current work with a single viewport…where in 3Ds Max, I had 4 and still couldn’t see as easily as I do here.

The only thing I’ve found more difficult in Blender is material creations, particularly bump maps and such…but I’ll put a lot of that to ignorance at this point. :slight_smile: And support/advice for Blender seems to be far, far easier to find than 3Ds Max. Large base of competent people using the program that are willing to talk :slight_smile:

Welcome on board!

Hello to you too, also, I’d like to note to you that we have an Off-Topic section here at BA.Org. :slight_smile: