Room 14 - simulation of an existing room

(tomasee) #1

even I have worked with Blender for a long time now this is my first post.

Room 14 is an existing room in the Congress Center I’m working in.
I did this model to simulate possible stage settings for special events.

Please have a look on the different pictures I’ve made and post your comments.

Thank, Thomas

(BgDM) #2

Looks great! I love the lighting setup you have going on. My only suggestion would be to tone down the halo setting on the spots on the pillars, but that is just my suggestion, you don’t have to listen to me. :wink:

Nice work.


(Haunted-House) #3

Very good! It has detailed modeling but the lighting is plain…

(stephen2002) #4

the modeling looks good, but you need to work on your lighting setup.

I can see some of those tables don’t quite cast proper shadows.

Yes, that is one foggy room if those lights are casting that much halo.

(paradox) #5

I like it. Well done.

(bmax) #6

again, the lighting looks ‘blank’. it doesnt have this…feel to it, maybe gi would help…but good modeling, i like it. :smiley:

(tomasee) #7

Thanks for all your comments.

Yes, I know that the lighting could be better.

This ist is a rather big model (48 x 60 Blender units). And it is really difficult to illuminate such a big model. But I’m working on an improved version with better lighting, impoved textures for the wodden walls and more details (especially the ceiling of the room).

Later on I will try to animate a lightshow with all that moving lights I’ve put into that scene. (but this will take some time :smiley: )