room background?

i wanna make a room background, i need floor, trim, and wall, all i want is like about 2 feet of the wall and floor showing, so don’t need a “room” just enough to fit in the camera. Anyone know how i would do this? i don’t want a tutorial just a push in right direction

take a cube, delete two faces, leaving the floor, cieling, and two back walls. That’s your basic set.

For trim, use a curve that is a straight line with a bevel object that matches the trim profile.

Paint the walls FLAT (as in a PHONG shader with NO specularity) and use a stucci texture.

The simplest way is to go to and buy a room for about $20.00 and simply import the OBJ files. They have rooms, apartments, lofts and outdoor sets. Some are as low a $6.00 bucks. Consider paying yourself $6.00 bucks an hour and see how far you get in one hour of modeling time in Blender.

Why would anyone spend 20 dollars for an easy to model room scene?

If you can model it yourself, don’t waste your money.