Room by the water (Luxcorerender)

Hi. Project done for fun and to play with Luxcore 2.5. Rendered on Ryzen 3900x witch Path Sobol and Photongi on, 1230 samples and Oidn denoiser.


nice render,conveys the calm feel of the room and materials feel natural.

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Fantastic work!

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Hi Marcin,

You’ve created such a nice calm and peaceful spot! Very nice render. This would be such a nice place to rent for a getaway!

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Thanks for your comments guys… I am glad you like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

what would you say is the diference between that and cycles?

Cycles is a pathtracing render engine, this means there is no light calculating. Luxcore is same as the Cycles, Pathtracing engine but there is a few diffrences.

Luxcore also can calculate real* ligthing. Caustics can be happen only when light breaks, if you can’t calculate lights you can’t get caustics and realistic light renders.

So, if you use Luxcore you can do unbeliveable renders with just rendering like Cycles.

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Hi. Luxcore is more phyisicly accurate render engine like Maxwell Render. Cycles output is more stylised I would say. Luxcore has more advanced rendering algorithms and light cache similar to vray or corona. But the best way to see the difference is just to try it…

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Also the workflow is quite different due to engine philosophy :

Cycles tend to solve lot of real life phenomenon through shader hack :

__ Causics

__ Dispersion

The reason why BF decide to remake Cycles almost from scratch. To be able to implemente more sophisticated rendering tech.

All that kind of stuff are simple checkbox in Luxcore. Also the engine development is more oriented toward advanced rendering algorithm : Like light tracing / Bidirectionnal VCM / Gi caching / Automatic Portal like Vray next…
And Luxcore 3.0 Is going to push all that even further.


Is that the Seresin House at Waterfall Bay? Nice work!

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great work💯

Yes! Thats my inspiration and not exact execution😉

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot Bart. :slightly_smiling_face: