Room+decapitated monkey head+ bird

i am still working on the bird, i have it animated to flap its wings and it flys and hits the window twice, then does a front flip and trys again, then slides down it and dies.

and the monkey head falls of the couch and rolls on the floor.
last night i downloaded sound effects, but am gonna wait till i am done to even render the animation :d
C&C welcome

Looks good, but why are the walls reflective? And also, what’s with the spectrum lighting? I like the overall composition. The materials and textures are also very consistently cartoony. To hide the places where the floor meets the wall or the wall hit the ceiling, add some kind of panel or trim. It looks much better that way. One more thing, the wall isn’t thick enough. You can tell by the window. Keep up the good work.

Do you have some kind of morbid facination :)?

I concur with munkey_mike. I also think the couch looks kind of inflatable… There are no wrinkels in it, and it shines too much… And perhaps the halo on the left should be light-yellow, near white, and a bit transparent.

wow, would that make a good animation or what? lol

thank you all i will post an update soon

-bird color
-wall thickness
-couch spec

whats up with the light in the cornerof the wall and the floor?

whats up with the light in the cornerof the wall and the floor?

I don’t know, what is up?

The carpet on the floor BTW has a bit hard an edge. And that spectrum looks a bit weird… What’s the idea behind it?

i just like the spectrum i was gonna make a round mat with a round spectrum but i couldn’t align it right :frowning: , so thats what i got i’ll work on the edges


the blood slowely oozes across the floor[/img]

Those reflective walls are a bit confusing. If you wanna toy with reflection, I suggest putting a mirror up on the left wall.

Does you’re bloodstain really grow BTW, if you’d animate it?

i like the reflective walls

i changed the spec of the bird and the color of blood.
i am animating it now

I also like the reflective walls, but it’s kind of puzzling as to what sort of material they are made of. Have you considered replacing them with mirrors? That might be interesting.