Room Fragrance

2400x1100 (what a resolution …) : Deviantart
Well, I know it looks good but first of all idea is not mine, inspiration comes from a reference design. But I think I changed it too much (even I added a feature) it became something different.
First of all i’d to show you source of inspiration.
Only think I want to say about this is big render. It is not a random angle, it shows us how the glass combines with light behind it and makes it spread.
Here it is :

Yeah changed that plant thing with room fragrance idea and added light option. Which it makes my design usable as desk lamp.
However, I enjoyed the time I’ve spend on this.
Technical details :
I think every render has 10 min average rendering time. (rendered with gtx 650 ti boost. half of 1080p)
and samples is 1500.
Materials are pretty simple.
cc are always welcome :=)