room lighting


This is my first post here ive been using blender in and out but now im completly
in :P.

I have recently modeled this room and i honestly have NO idea how to light it
i am 100% hopeless at it and ive tried to look at alot of tutorials and yafray doc’s
but i still cant do it.

Iam trying to make the room as bright as possible i know that yafray makes the image darker but i cant get my head round how to get round that.

i have attached a image of the current light setup.
if some one can tell me what to do ( or do it for me :P) i will really appreciate it.

thanks in advance


Getting a BASIC lighting is not hard - it might not be a good one but probably a place to start from:

First of, if you model a room, then make it closed, like a room really is, in reality. Since you use Yafray, make use of its GI abilities and turn that on. The next step is to place a lightsource outside the room, probably a sunlight, and to give the world a blue-ish color (or red-ish, if you’re going for an afternoon scene or whatever). After that, you might want to use Photons - if you enable them, make sure to place Arealights in the windows which will then act as Photon emitters, you surely found something about that in the Yafray doc.
Then you’re done - adjust the lights inside the room to your liking and always think about the reality and how lamps influence the lighting situation there.

I assumed you want to make a daylight scene…well, that’s it, as simple as, there are many better ways to do that, probably, but PapaSmurf’s link will surely help as well.