Room of Light

Here’s interior scene I posted on the Blender Cookie contest. Doubt it gonna win any prices but it sure was nice little exercise about lighting and materials!
It comes with bits of abstract elements so it’s not necessarily practical in any means.
Hope you like it!

Best of luck on this Icon, It’s a unique design for sure and I think it came out great, and I still really like that carpet.

Truth be told you are one of the entries that makes me hate my chances. lol
Good luck.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Yeah, the carpet keep nice and fluffy.

Oh…Thanks! Don’t you go that way! Let the best one win!

I’m glad I opened this one in a new tab to inspect! There’s actually a lot of details you don’t notice at first… good job on the lighting, bro. Plus it’s rare to see a noiseless Cycles render! Good luck on the contest.

There are a lots of positive things to say about this image:
The image is simple yet it has enough small details that make it interesting (coffee stains, cherry blossom leaves on the sofa).
The carpet looks perfect as does the sofa.

If I can give some criticism it would be two things:
The branch of the cherry blossom looks a bit off. I don’t know if it is the proportions but something looks not right. Also i think the material might just be a bit too flat
Also the window material might need some work

All in all great job man and good luch with the competition

Neat render, lot of noise in background but its hard to see if image is small like on this page.