Room of water

Hello everyone,

This is the latest scene i finished. It’s like a room filled with water ;).

Hope you like it!

Rendered with cycles

I took care of the bright pixels that appear after a few hundred passes as i show in this tutorial:

the water looks cool, but what exactly am i looking at?

That is a good question - look at it as something more or less abstract ^^ initially it should have been something like a corridor with lamps on each side. But once i composited it, i liked the orange color of the lamps, and thought they would go great with that green you see sometimes in some lakes. And then finally i wanted to randomize the wood texture, because it’s quite obvious that it repeats itself on each lamp - but then i kind of liked that and placed that wood object in the middle which in a way mirrors the wood-texture of the lamps on the same side ^^

And just now i noticed that it might look quite nice if that part in the middle of the wood texture, which kind of looks like an eye, would have a slightly different color, maybe a dark red-brown? We’ll see.

The scene is really good but I am really amazed by your tutorial on how to remove fireflies, it’s amazing! I can now finally consider rendering animations :slight_smile:

I just wanted to congratulate you on both scene and tutorial, it really helped me a lot.

Glad you think so too… When i found the solution i was so happy i might have cried a little XD hehe - But i still don’t know why those bright pixels suddenly turn black with certain nodes… who cares as long as it works

reminds me of the Dune movie a bit.

As far as fireflies, if you let it render for another year or so, they would turn into nice looking caustics. However, since we only have pathtracing right now, that’s not feasible. However, with a bidir or even MLT integrator, I think you would want to let it cook long enough to get those cool watery reflections on the walls and ceiling.

lol now that you mention it, caustics should be there^^ How many samples do you think would be necessary? 100’000? because what we’re looking at are 5000 and that took on a gtx 590 about 30 mins. i could let it render over night or even the weekend…

I just love this image. It’s so surreal. Really amazing. :slight_smile:

Hehe, nice to hear :wink: I think one part that adds to the surrealism ist using a colorbalance node to create a in this case Dark-blue to green gradient.

Most defiantly. It’s just absolutely beautiful. :slight_smile:

@amadeo, not sure how many samples it would take for the caustics to show up properly, but I would guess they would still be pretty noisy at 10,000+. Really until we get bidir it’s not worth bothering with that kind of caustics.

@Kemmler I did a test few days ago and the caustics were very noisy after 25,000 passes :F

@amadeo Great render :wink:

nice image, love the water and lighting, but expecially the concept!

Thank you - I just looked at your thread and noticed the gorilla… ABSOLUTLY stunning work! Nearly everything looks perfedt - But for some reason the eyes put me off a little - i looked gorillas up, and noticed that theire eyes are much darker where yours are white.

Hopefully i don’t annoy you by suddenly talking about your stuff, but i was just really amazed by the work :wink: Should you ever change that, please send me a link!