Room redesign / yafray

Finished the redesign of a room. Its not really finished (render wise and detail wise), but since the deadline is here, its pretty much over and done with. Thanks to the people who helped me with some of the rendering problems :). And here’s the image:

I dont know what you are aiming for and I know that your not completely finished with this but…

I think the room is very boring. No details at all. except for the sofa everything has very hard edges. Just my thoughts when I saw this image.

The rendering is nice, I like that.


The GI is nice and the modelling is just fine, but as said by t3d, it’s really empty and boring.

The paintings on the wall look like they have too much darkness around them, like they are really thick or like they are floating, and inch from the wall. And try bevelling the objects so that even square objects look nicer.

The door left looks like it has some OSA troubles.

For a GI test it is fine, but for a nice render, some things need to be made more interesting.

It strikes me as if the sofa and sofa-chair are miniscule compared to the scale set by the other objects. Maybe it’s just the odd perspective…

No the sofa is too small. Compare it to the door right behind it, which it happens to be blocking.


I like the camera angle. The room is definitely spacious. I think it’s pretty good.

nice GI effect :wink:

hmm, is it me or is that cough/ bank véry small?

The sofa is definitely too small, my friend gave me wrong measurements…lol. So here’s a render with a bigger sofa. Perhaps I might continue this thread back in the Wip forum :slight_smile: .

Btw this room is a storage/lounge area in my school for students :wink: .

I think you need to change some yafray settings, the GI has lots of banding, and looks low quality. It’s kind of too ‘blended together’, though I don’t use Yafray so I can’t really advise which settings to modify.

Imo the shadows seem to emphasised as well, kind of over GI’d. The lighting is a little dull.

Some nice modelling, the sofa in particular, though it definitely seems out of proportion with the rest, but that’s easily solved by just scaling it up a notch.