room ! second chance ... ? (4th page update - 03.10.04)

I’m starting modeling fotorealistic (i hope) room (my room of course :D).
Ekhm, i;m getting close to start modeling :|. Some pictures of carpet walls and other stuff must be taken.
I think that this model will take several weeks or months. Wish me luck.

Some screens and test renders:

shit at work : x ah awesome vacoom (czy jak to sie pisze ;d) looks like a toster

I’m thinking of doing the same thing in the future with my room. Nice vacuum. I think it’ll look pretty good.

thx Ice3cold

or like some kind of a sport car :smiley:

my bed: ao - 9 samples, area lamp - 10 samples, osa 16

haha…really cool dude. wheres the laptop going ? :stuck_out_tongue:

How long have you been using blender? Also, how long did it take you to render that bed?

I imagine most of the textures you use would be pictures taken of your room?

Looking very nice, I like the bed and the vaccum. Speaking of beds I have one similar to that but the drawers are on the end and not beneath.

render of te vacuum: 10 hours :confused:
render of the bed: 20 min

Oh and i’m using blender for about half a year, something like that.

i bet the vacuum took so long because of the size of the ground plane.

octree resolutions are very important things.


oh crap! thats true…:expressionless: stupid mistake, i must resize it immidiately.

you could probably turn the dist down on ao and have it still look the same. That seems to help big time on render time! See how low you can go and still get acceptable results, maybe even start near 1 or so!

the bed - some improvement like screws and pillows :), thats not big improvement, tomorrow i want to add my desk and some book cases.

render of te vacuum: 10 hours :confused:
render of the bed: 20 min

If you’re using the standard 2.34 release, read this thread (particularly, ton’s post) for a possible reason for the slow render on the first one. Turning on unified renderer seems to be a temporary workaround… FYI.

thx, sure, i will read it !

desk, bed and stuff case

Those are great. I can’t wait to see them textured.

me too :smiley:

and some inside view. The door i think is too thick, the window in it is too transparent, that and other bugs i will change tomorrow…