Room (update)

a room.

C&C please

its a bit too dark. it should have more lightning.

I think the same, unfortunately… Apparently this is an AO render, perhaps should you boost the energy value up to 2.0. Other furniture for the room would be nice, hence the reflections in the mirror are quite “empty”. As this is a WIP, I suppose you planned lot more furnitures! :wink:
I’d like to comment on the textures, but the lighting isn’t sufficent to say anything about this topic… :frowning: I turned up the brightness of my screen up to the max and I still can’t figure any texturing details…

strange… on my monitor it’s ok… hmmm

hope this one’s better


I like the basic scene as far as it goes now except I don’t really grok the textures; textures which actually seem to pervade the entire image and give me the sense of looking through a piece of muslin or something. I’d start by working the materials. Then later, work the light. But first…

Obviously the focus-point is that spilled glass of wine. We know it must have been spilled only moments ago, because the puddle is still there on the (we must presume, 'tho it does not look it) solid, e.g. lineoleum, floor. It also must not have dropped even from hand height because it would have smashed and/or scattered the wine. This is the pattern we would expect from an overturned glass of wine on the table; not on the floor. (Notice how the fact that you put that prop there, provokes curiosity, and hence creates involvement in your picture.)

So we have a scene, which has an unexplained and compelling mystery, which is presenting itself somewhat-inconsistently but … more to the point … quiescently and without a story. This scene, to have gotten where it is, demands a story to be told. So make one up.

Have fun with it. Put a body on the floor. Or a banana peel. Or a dropped and crumpled letter. Or a garter belt. Or a lottery ticket. Or put the wineglass on a wooden table and put candles around it, then add a body with his face in a bowl of split-pea soup. Alien saucers in the window. An open Bible with angels blowing the First Trumpet outside. Whatever you like. Notice how each one of these suggestions takes the same scene and gives it an entirely different story. It gives the curiosity you provoked, a direction of relief, and in doing so it tells a visual story.

That is what I think people really enjoy looking at some types of pictures to see: to get a sense of story, of environment and of people. They want to know why Mona Lisa smiles.

I agree, I want to know what’s up with the wine glass too. I also wonder what’s in the bottom drawer that is ever so slightly open. Hmmm… mysterious. Oh, and the wine looks very thick, maybe it’s chocolate syrup??

Nice scene, especially the lamp and the nightstand thingie are cute.


now with table and chair and some other stuff…
what do you think…

still not finnished tho


hmm… no replies…

anyway. Here’s an update
C&C please

is there a dead dude?? looks good.

hmmm… don’t you think that the body is too far away from the spilled wine glass? This doesn’t match… Or you should show the feet of the victime, and blood tracks on the floor from the table (where murder apparently occured) and up to the dead body…

Furnitures give a proper life to the room, you should continue that way. On the other hand, I don’t like all the glasses in furniture (what’s its name in english?) in the background near the mirror. They look too much the same and too perfectly aligned. You souhld model different glasses six by six and put in there. But not so much many glasses from the very same format.

Good work overall :slight_smile:

It looks good but whatsup with all the grain? its hurting my eyes :o


Looks good. But as mystery00 said: “what’s up with all the grain?”
Is that wine that is spilled, or hot chocolate? It’s kind of brownish for wine… Or is it just me? :slight_smile: Also table top is to thin in my oppinion.


the grain is just low quality AO… to speed up renderings.
the final image will be better

olivS: why do you think he was murdered? he might just be taking a nap :wink:
Actually I didn’t even think about that it was to far away from the table :expressionless:

Thanks for the replies everyone :smiley: