room WIP see how far it goes

yeah so i made a table a bit back for a rigging project. than i had an idea what if i putt something on it (a computer) and than a monitor and than an outlet to plug it into and than cords and for an outlet you need a wall and for a wall you need a floor and than what if the floor was too empty? maybe a TV or a book shelf lets see how far i can go the table is finished (no textures) and i am working on a computer monitor. tell me what you think guys.

FYI feel free to criticize insult praise or complement my work. suggestions are welcome also


Sounds like a good way to hone your skills! Like the detail of the hinges. Add some textures to make this really realistic! Good luck! Make it all the way!!!

thanks for the support. and i don’t like textures >.> so we will see about me texturing the table.

here it is the monitor nearly finished it does not have sub surf. i will putt a sub surf on it but i t will take a bit of edge looping to make it look right. the base is something i just sorta thought of but i have another idea for something if you guys think this one is not quite right keep in mind tho it will be sub surfed yet will still be sharp. tell me what you guys/girls think.


Looks good. And yes I think that it could use a subsurf to add more realism. And despite the fact that there is visible geometry and that it is floating :D, it’s really good! You might want to add a Cable coming out the back too. Good luck!

cables are a given although i forgot it XD. the geometry is not to bad besides the base. but yes sub surf will be used and the base even with sub surf looks terrible any ideas?

hey yeah so i decided to take a more normal stand approach so here it is. the lighting will be fixed a little later. and again i will sub surf later on besides those two things criticize away oh and as for cords i will do those when i have something to actually put them in. what do you guys think i should make next?


just a small update A PLUG !! for the power cord to plug into the monitor. lol i gave me more problems than i thought it would but it was my fault. anyway here is a pic.


oooo I can insult :D, fun. heh keep going, it’s looking good, got any plans? love the detail on the table legs

One thing, you might want to hit Set Smooth for the base. Right now we can see all it’s geometry. Looking good!

Chirpsalot: my plans are anywhere from just filling the table. to having an entire block of fully furnished houses. how far it goes depends on how long it takes me to feel like it has become useless. and how much support i get. dudebot 13: i do not like how set smooth looks on the base it looks good but it messes everything else up it is part of the whole speaker/back piece/base. so maybe i will go online and try to find out how to make it a different object. besides that for you guys i don’t know what else there is to do besides sub surf. i may putt in another port for the “monitor to computer” cord but we will see.

To make the base into a new object select the verts/faces of the part you want to be separate and press the ‘p’ key. You can also smooth just the base if you select it and press the smooth button so it does not affect the rest of the mesh. Looks good so far!

thanks haha now i feel noob-ish which is not far from the truth thanks for the comments.

yeah here is the plugs they look bent but they are not. next i think i will start on the computer. i will sub everything when I’m done i don’t want my comp slowing down during renders and stuff.


Looks good so far!

Will the plug sockets not have something plugged into them? If they do then dont model the socket but model the connector. Nice work.

they will have something plugged into them i just enjoy detailed modeling even the things people may not see. a habit i will have to quit i know. but yeah i just realized thats the wrong kind of connector. although i am going to leave it the way it was the mesh is a mess. is not there a command that converts tris into quads?

the case i will be using for my reference is my own. you get a pat on the back if your the first one to guess it (after the first pic i post.)

just giving you guys an update i have been a tab busy lately so I’m sorry its not that amazing for 2days work but yeah here is the first render of the case this is just the box and top piece of metal. the face plate will come soon.


can’t wait, make it look epic, and put racing stripes on it :D.