Room with table and chairs

This is my first Big thing in blender so maybe it’s not that good, but i like very much at least so here it is!

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If you don’t like critique, skip my post…

The legs of the chairs aren’t very smooth, and everything seems very shiny. You can also see where the walls end at the very top right corner. And the walls just seem to be stretched out, it doesn’t look that much like wallpaper.

But other than that, it’s pretty nice. How long have you used blender?

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Nice Big thing, Blender Tweeby! Very nice table texture. There are some things I need to mention that could and IMO should be changed if you wish to make it better though you’ve placed it in the Finished Projects threat.

The stands of the stools (not chairs :)…) are not smoothed, you can see the faces of it. Put smooth or autosmooth on for better effects. Also the stool-legs are not rotated towards the middle of the stool, that looks odd. The table has round legs, nothing wrong there though you hardly see round wooden table legs anymore. The textyre for the walls looks stretched; like the texture or material is projected from the top and terefor makes stripes in stead of a nice wallpaper, I could be wrong in this one for it can be a modern stripe-pattern… At least should IMO the specular of the wall-material be lowered, it’s way too shiny IMO.
The shadows under the chairs and table are really sharp and dark. This can be a lot better if you’d try shadow-buffered (so not ray-traced wich I think is the case here) with more softness.
The scene is really empty, I know it’s your first project, but it’s hardly a finished project IMO.

Still it’s a good start and with some more practice it can be really nice.
Keep it up and welcome to the club :D.


sorry, posted in the same time as the post above …

Well i had the program for a long time but i haven’t used it much i maybe have done 4-5 models before but that were just easy things, and i will add more things to this picture and fix the things you said like, the legs on the chair and some stuff. And i will fix the Legs they look really odd in the direction they point.