Room Yafaray

Room made ​​with blender 2.57 and YafaRay

larger size maybe?

help me, I’m new and I’m having trouble posting pictures in my message

just beautiful.

Ótima cena, boa setagem de materiais tmb, mas a mesinha de centro, parece estar flutuando rsrs, Parabèns.

It’s really nice. Well done.

Nice!! Very nice lighting!

Beautiful render, congratulations.

Yafaray rocks once again!Great work with light and textures.
Can you share render settings.
I asume photon map algo…right?

manuel, by name, you are Brazilian

Hi diegodedi,
I am Portuguese, but i lived in Brasil too.
Same language, almost same culture:cool:, diferent weather…:eyebrowlift:

Click on the image once and then another one time (when the pop up window opens) then click on the image that opens in its own window (a magnifying glass icon should be at the place of the mouse pointer) so that you have the image open at full size.

just click the “Reply to the thread” button as usual,and select the “Go advanced” option (underneath the lower right corner of the text box);you should now be presented with the same text box but with some additional options (in the form of an “icon raw” on top of the box); you should see a “picture” icon somewhere there,this is for inserting images in the text field ; click on that icon and just select/browse for an image,let’s say,at your hard drive or copy /paste the relative URL (there should be a relative dialogue box popped up);you should now have inserted the image exactly at the place of the mouse pointer
by the way >>> most excellent work and render!Really awesome lighting!Keep up the good work!:slight_smile:

Ok, e então Manuel o que gostaria de saber

Olá de novo,

Vi que você utilizou un sun por causa do tipo de sombras que você tem.
Gostaria saber se você utilizou area lamps para equilibrar a iluminação em mais algum sítio e também as definições do mapa de photons.
Ao mesmo tempo, você utilizou que tamanho de filtro antialiasing? 1,5 no pixelsize? e o treeshold? Teve que baixar muito o treeshold e dar muitas passagens? Quanto tempo demorou no seu pc?
Desculpa se estou sendo exagerado, mas sou um fã do yafaray e gosto sempre de saber tudo sobre os resultados.

Em qualquer caso, convido você a colocar esse trabalho no forum do yafaray. Lá é tudo gente bacana e vão adorar suas imagens.:slight_smile:

P.S.: Sorry for those who don’t speak Portuguese. I was just talking about settings and how diegodedi mastered it.

Manuel vou fazer melhor, me passa um email que vou te mandar meu arquivo para você dar uma olhada.
meu Email: [email protected]

Awesome lighting, the floor slats are too large though! :slight_smile:

quite good, but I agree, the wood grain is too large on the floor. Also, I think the vases are a bit TOO shiny, and I would have liked to see the stone bits modeled or at least given good displacement, as-is they look flat. However I do really like the mood, lighting, and overall style. Good stuff.

Very nice work, especially the lighting. The floor needs a bump map, and so does the stonework. Other than that, it’s quire impressive.