(borgus) #1

Hi !

What do you think about this?


(Idgas) #2

Well I think its a bad trip :wink: but really i think its ok. The reflection is a little to sharp. Should be alittle more blury, and the colors are phsycodelic (sp) Cool :slight_smile:

(ec2) #3

Cool. Reflections and shinny objects are fun aren’t they?

Tip: If you adjust your Col value you can go from a mirror to slightly reflective object.

Nice work.

Can you post a link to the blend file? I’d like to try something if possible.

(bg3D) #4

I think you need to just put “http://” in front next time
yea, then it’d be cool
cool, I guess…

(S68) #5

Nice, but reflections are weird.

Your balls reflects:

1 - The lamps
2 - The psychaedelic blob

but do not reflect the walls :o

Have you put the walls on same layer as spheres and so they are not rendered in the envmap?


(borgus) #6


I made a stupid misstake…here’s the update…



(Cevina) #7

Looks really cool.
But I miss that the balls reflect each other.

(S68) #8

Hehe… good point, but Blender is not a raytracer, so to get what you want you must be really smart 8)

Do a search on the Q&A forum, the way to do multiple reflections lyes out there


(Cevina) #9

Shouln’t be to hard for this scene.
Those balls look as if there is an envmap for each anyway. I’d say the easiest way here would be to put each ball on its own layer.
The same problem as with the wall before :wink:

(S68) #10

That’s not enough.

If you merely place each sphere on a different layer and render you get single reflections, that is, walls and spheres are reflected, but what is reflected by the reflected sphere is not reflected.

You must re-render several times deleting EnvMaps cyclically