hello friends, this room was the first work that I made using yafaray for render.
I hope you like

software: Blender3D, yafaray, photoshop


Wow, its reallly good. However, the floor doesn’t look realistic. It looks like a big slap of glossy concrete.

hello gat19g , the floor was not really how I wanted, but this room was my first work with blender and yafaray
I was learning about realism and light of the ambient
thanks for your comment

Hi, I think the white gloss floor is cool, but… what is that little mattress in the foreground? :slight_smile: some texturing like on the carpet could be improved, otherwise it is a very nice lit scene

hi oanav, this room is like a room for you to relax and this mattress is where a person sits and meditates with aromatic candles beside
that was the idea