this is made with blender,

and here is my real room.

I have used blender like 1 year and this was my first realistic project. So can you put comments is this good? And i made this project maybe 1 month.
I took half out on my real room so its same spot with real and in blender.
Thanks for all comments.

Cool start i’d say :slight_smile:
2 remarks :
why don’t you use a sunlight like in your photo?
you should do the draps on the window and the blanket for the bed, really easy with the cloth simulator, and adds something sophisticated easily :wink:

i used cycles render i dont know how to do realistic sunlight.
and i might update this picture where i do all that stuff. but when i did bed cover it wasnt “freezed” time just came back to 0 where that cover is just plane.
and thanks for praise :smiley:

Basic sun light can be easily made by adding a lamp, choosing “sun” type, and modifying the “size” (0,05 for example) to have Sharp shadows

Its not a bad start, but id recommend sticking this in the WIP section, and working on it some more. You will learn so much from it.

Focus on modelling individual objects in the scene, and be patient with it. For example, the radiator…in your scene its just a square block, yet we all know that it has some shape to it.

Look at how the scene is lit in real life, and try and simulate it within your scene.

Get a texture put on the floor so that its not plain and boring.

As I said above, keep going with this scene, you will learn a lot from it and improve greatly as a result


yup can i put this to WIP or is it admin who put this in that section. i will continue making it better :smiley: