Roomba cat vs bad guy

My first “big” rendering scene. Basically consists of that roomba cat und that Ford 100 from 1956 I mixed together I did. Then added that guy, background and stuff. (so no external assets were used, just the street, money and mud ground texture you can barely see)

The laser beams of the cat are a mixture of shader (combined transparency shader with emission shader by some colorramps), rendered it on a new material id and in composing I color-keyed it (so I could “alpha over” it back), added blur and glared it. Took me some time to get this result - but eat this, “the boys” with your lousy “homelander eye-lasers” ;).

The city in background is actually real-size and 3kms away. I created the emission with a random factor of the object position and noise mapped it too, that the windows shine differently.

The “smoke” behind the bullet - well it didn’t came out perfect, but almost as I wanted. It’s the new geometry-smoke in blender. (I started with 2.90 but downloaded 2.91 yesterday). Was a little difficult to actually control the smoke.

The smooth “impact sparks” are done with motion blur I had to set to a very low shutter time (0.15).

The sky is a gradient where I put the light part above the city (as if the city lightens it - quite in reality) with a noise texture as the clouds. (so no hdri).

And well, all in all there are 2 smoke simulations, one wind force, 10 or more particle systems and really some time of work in it.

I didn’t went for “super” photorealism (otherwise the car wouldn’t be so shiny, the character not slightly stylized and so on), but for some “cool rendered look”. So that almost everything is quite clean is on purpose.

Please tell me what you think of it. As I think I’m the only person on this planet who also lived in the village “Blender” (it’s in North Germany) and uses “Blender” I don’t want to suck in it and improve. :wink:

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