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O.K. This is my first complete work, I think I have done enough tutorials to do a whole scene. I worked pretty hard on this, and am proud of it. I feel it is worthy of a post. Unlike some of my previous test works. Not that I didn’t work long and hard on those others, they just weren’t all that great. Anyway, back to this post, I would really appreciate some helpful hints (contructive critisizm) on how I could do some things better.
Such as…

  1. Lighting
  2. Rendering
  3. Texturing
  4. Etc…
    Your comments, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. The two photos in the scene are of my two boys :slight_smile:
    Still a darn (NOOB) UGH!!! Thanks, NDNChief

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Also, I used Blender to render.
Saved as Targa at 1280 X 1024. Then imported to Adobe PhotoShop reduced size to 900 X 720 then saved as jpeg Bi-Cubic and Bilenear Optimized. I have not yet used an External renderer. Will soon try using one, and also soon going to tackle Python…
Thanks for your time, NDNChief

(Zweistein) #3


I like Persons like you. Keep on Blending. Your Picture ist really nice. My first Pictures weren´t so good…

(Nayman) #4

wow, great stuff, opnly comments, his the subsurf button fo rthe bowls on the wall.

A little blocky

other than that, amazing, better than alot of my texturing

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Thanks for the reply to Zweistien and Nayman, also in reference to the baskets, I contemplated going smoother, but decided to keep it a bit blocky, did not want them to look to smoooth, I could of added some noise, but did want to finish, the baskets where the last thing I added before saying “O.K. Thats it, Im Done”. I was wanting and wishing for more replies, but Oh well, I geuss I need to do some thing totally Awsome to get a big reply count. One day I will be that good, Mabey before I am 70 yr old, LOL. Anyway thanks for your comments, and cratique, I take everything whole heartedly, and really appreciate you all taking the time to reply, Thanks again,
Still a NOOB, UGH!!! NDNChief

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That is really nice. Maybe could have added some more stuff. Seems a little empty right now. Also, there is some alaising on the window, but that is normal.

Good job!


(blengine) #7

bowls? i thoguht they were giant nipples!! hahahaha im just kiddin, amazing scene! hehehehe thats the bamboo texture from the web u got for your shades, very creative =) this scene looks great, but the textures for the legs of the table look very odd :-? everything else is very nice, great texturing :smiley:

(microman) #8

hmmmmm…cool work but the leg on the table are all identical maybe giving each one a differant textire setting.

other than that vary good job. keep it up.


(Dittohead) #9

Wow, you’ve done work in 3d before havn’t you?

(dreamsgate) #10

dang that is good!, It took me 2 years to even get close to work like that. Way to go!

(meestaplu) #11

I’m in the mood for understatement, so I’ll say that’s quite good. The modeling is precise, and the rug adds a lot to the scene. It is very well composed (nice camera angle, etc.).

Constructive criticism:

  • As imgranpaboy said, the table legs look a bit odd. If you learned UV mapping, you could make those look a lot better without a ton of work - and you could export your image textures to other renderers. That’s a 2 for 1 sale, right there…

  • A wooden chair with legs similar to those of the table (but thinner, of course!) could make the scene more comfortable looking, more “lived in.” You already started adding comfort with the pictures of your two boys and with the rug on the floor. Finishing that would make a very nice scene.

Awesome job, man.


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Thanks to BgDM, microman, meestaplu, imgranpaboy, dittohead, and Dreamsgate, for your replies. It really makes my day to see your replies and comments, and thanks again for taking the time to reply. I have taken all your cratiques and will apply them. I will repost this Blend with these changes, sometime next week.

  1. Fix textures on table legs, they do look odd, to uniform.
  2. Add a chair, and mabey more, to add warmth and lived in feeling.
  3. Try to fix the antialiasing problem on the bottom window sill.
  4. Also, try to use external renderer, and learn UV Texturing.
    Also, to Dreamsgate, This is the first 3D Program I have ever used, I started in March, When i Downloaded it by Mistake!!! Now I am Addicted and I can not stop, and I dont get much sleep anymore either, LOL… I cant get enough Blending time!!!
    Thanks again for the positive replies!!!
    NDNChief, still a NOOB, UGH!!! P.S. UVTextures are making me go insane. Ouch!!!

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Well, since all the comments you received were kind… I’ll switch to EVIL mode :wink:

well, not really.

The image looks great however it seems to me that there is some kind of “scale” problem with the different object sizes… it could be an optical fx, but the frame in the bottom looks really big compared with the window and also the socket looks big compared to the lamp…

I really like the way you did the carpet, nicely textured indeed. The bowls look great also (any script or it is just texture ?)

anyway, well done. You’re cursed like the rest of all. :slight_smile:


PS: The legs look somewhat strange I don’t know what it is. You know subsurfs are great to model curved things. Good luck.

(rixtr66) #14

wow!,very good for a noob :smiley:
the table looks odd but the scene as a whole looks nice.


(MexIndian) #15

Wow. The shades are what do it for me… I really dig it.

Constr. Criticism:

The table legs. I’m a newb myself, so I can’t help you but I think maybe if it were less blurry, and less shiny it’d look better.

I agree about the electrical outlets… too big.

The vase has a little black spot, an imperfection…oh wait… hehehe :wink:

And lastly, the shadows on the “baskets” (well, they look like baskets to me) should aim upwards, no?

But I think it looks fantastic… I think it looks pretty lived in. I wish I can do something that good… mebbe someday

(Goo) #16

Looking very nice. Excellent for a newbie. It took me a few years to ever produce a picture I’m remotly happy with. A few criticisms though. The outlet does look a bit large, and the picture in the frame on the table is a bit elongated. The frame on the wall is a bit odd too. I’d try and smooth the edges a bit. It seems to me that the wood texture on the table is a bit too big. You might want to mess with the lighting on the picture a bit too. The rug is excellent, and so are the cords. The bamboo shades are excellent! So is the wall. I’d have to say that this is one of those “totally Awsome” pictures that you were talking about because of the responses you’ve gotten. :wink:


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Ehhhmmm… which tutorials did you use??
I’d like to make my projects as nice as yours…
[email protected]

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Very cool 8) ! keep up the good work.