Root Bone moved by hand or head bone with Auto-IK on, and vice versa

For some reason, when I move my root bone (located at the center of the hips of a humanoid skeleton), the hands and head bones light up (light brown) and the whole thing moves as if the hands & head are “stuck” in space. Similarly, if I move my hand bone at all (with Auto-IK on), it moves the root bone and draws an orange dotted line to the root. For example, if my character is in T-Pose, and I turn Auto-IK on, and move the left hand down in the “z” direction, instead of merely pivoting at the shoulder it instead rotates the entire character over onto its left side, and the arms stay out in a T-Pose.

Any ideas what’s happening here?

Post a blend file please - cannot tell from what you have written as it could be one of many things. Use and post the link here. Just include what we need in the blend file to identify the problem.

Cheers, Clock.

PS Why is the root bone in the centre of the hips? It should be on the floor at the origin between the feet and the IK targets should be parented to it…