/root/.config in Linux Mint question

Whenever you run either the stable release or a recent svn build and install an addon or a new theme for instance a blender file is created inside the /roo/.config file in a Linux Mint OS.

Question 1:
Is that the only hidden file created due to a change in your user preference files?

If not what other hidden files are created because of this?

And where can someone find the code related to this function in the svn source code?

Also where are these hidden files usually located on a OSX or Win8 or Win7?

The real question is why are you running blender as root?

I use Linux Mint.

I have the stable release on my Desktop.

I have a blender-svn in the root directory.

For the past several months I have been studying blender as a user.

I want to start working with the code.

Then I:

cd ~
mkdir blender-svn
cd blender-svn
svn co https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/blender

I copy the blender source to my Desktop.

I then:

cd ~/blender-svn/blender
svn up

whenever I want to try the more updated version.

Whenever I install a theme or a new addon from an external zip file, inside the /root/.config/ file a blender file is created.

Inside the Blender file a file with the addons is also created.

I want to know if anyone knows if there are other hidden files created when performing tasks in Blender.

To answer your question:

The real question is why are you running blender as root?

No particular reason, I download the svn file in the root directory and make it there and I move a copy of it to the Desktop so I can study the code.

I also have another question (if anyone can answer it).

Is there anyway to copy and paste the operator commands generated in the “Info” Viewport?