Root Motion Help

I already created a thread with a full outline and example materials of my issue provided. It Involves the use of multiple tools such as IPI Motion Capture - BVHacker - Blender - Unreal 4.

Please take a look at the link and respond here if you guys have any ideas on what I need to do to resolve the issue.

Issue probably lies in blender or the fbx export / import.

Thanks in advance

87 Views so far, not sure what else I could seriously provide to ask for help on this one.
Please someone help me!

Um Shameless Bump, can no one help?

Okay this thread has been sitting for a while without anyone finding the solution.

I will pay 20 bucks to whomever can solve this or teach this to me through a thread first.
Depending on location I can either mail 20 bucks or you can send me a paypal invoice preferable.

Can someone help me please - 20 bucks first come first served.