Root of All Evil

This is just a concept that came to me. Something similar might have been done before, but not to my knowledge. It still needs a lot of work, but I figured I’d post my progress thus far. I still plan to:
-Finish UV mapping the trunk
-Put grass
-Play with lighting and shadows
-Prune some of the “leaves” so it doesn’t look so cluttered

I used the L-system script for making the tree and positioning the leaves. The texture for the bark came from

Any comments or constructive crits are much appreciated. Especially suggestions for making the general mood reflective of the title.

I call this “Root of all Evil”

I like this concept you have here :smiley:

Altho some things that will make it look even better…

Turn on ao and maybe turn the background lights down so that the spotlight is brighter and the area around it is pretty dark. I am guessing that is the effect you were going for.

The dollars seem very blurry to me, myabe make the texture sharper and greener. Dollar bills never are perfectly straight like you have them, they droop down because of gravity. If you do this it will hopefully make it look more realistic. And maybe have some roots from the tree coming up and going into the ground so it doesnt just disapear.

Good luck :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. AO was turned on and there are no area lights. The dollar was scanned at high resolution and that is the actual color. I think there is a way to make the texture image sharper in the render, but I don’t remember. That’s a good point about the dollars being completely straight. I forgot to mention that, but I hope to fix that also. It will be time consuming, though.

Here is a render with the exact same light setup, only AO is turned off so you can see the difference. In this version, I like how the ground fades to black, but the dollars seem even more washed-out.

I think I like the results without AO better. And it renders in under a minute instead of 40. I think I’m relatively happy with the lighting for now. Time to address some of the other issues…


Nice concept but the bills look stiff, try bending them to look more like paper.


A few suggestions, I think you need to bend a few dollars bills, and have a few floating off the tree, and piled on the ground.

Everyone is saying bend the dollar bills and I have to agree. But more importantly I think that the scene is quite bland. No offense at all, I am just saying that you could have this quite nice tree in a much better scene. How about placing a mountain scene as a background picture or creating a mansion to put this tree in front of(I can think of the white house as a great example).

Heh… I like your ideas. (Although I’m not wishing to make a political statement here. Even better would be to somehow put this tree in the pope’s back yard, but I don’t want to start a war.)

I’ll see what I can do to add to the scene and make it more interesting. I doubt it will be any more modelling, maybe adding a background picture of something.

I will also have a few dollars falling from the tree and on the ground. Bending them will be tricky. I would probably have to modify the original leaf and re-run the script. In which case, the tree will look completely different. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to bend some of the leaves?

Publish it under my name if you wish, I’ll give you all the money. Placing it in the pope’s backyard would be hilarious :smiley:

Well, you could just uv map a picture of a dollar to a plane. If you want it on two sides extrude the plane to a cube and make it paper thin :wink:

Then just bend the dollar however you want. Whenever you want a new dollar just duplicate your dollar. I have never used arbaro so I don’t know how it will work. Oh come on, you can model a grassy medow and place a nice mountain picture in there or something.

The dollar is already UV mapped to a cube that’s paper thin. If I subdivide the mesh so I could bend it, won’t that mess up the UV map?

It might, can’t know unless you try right?

Well, you could make a new(subdivided) cube and uv map that instead.

Crop the left and right edges of the shot. Get close. The focus of the shot is the “money tree,” and you should ruthlessly strip away anything and everything that isn’t that.

Illuminate the object clearly. Don’t go for “the misty light from above” unless you intend to bring God into the picture.

The impact of the shot will be achieved only if the money is instantly recognizable, so make sure that at least one dollar-bill is front-and-center enough to be identified at a glance. For more fun, consider using other forms of world currency on other leaves.

Thanks a lot! This is exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. I’ll see what I can do.

I don’t think sub-D’ing messes up the UV map. I mean, I Knifed a few objects and the UV map was unaffected.