Roots Fan

This was inspired by the wrought iron works works of Vladan Lucic

It’s a no-postpro render using internal renderer and Blender 2.53 Beta.

i wish i had a fan like that in my room…VERY nice! how do you ppl model like this??? python script or is there some option in blender i havent discovered yet?

I used a combination of extrusion modelling and mirror modifiers. I still haven’t figured out how to use the array modifier with an empty to model stuff like the fan blades (wish I had time to figure that one out).

Nice work Branko!

Easy once you know how. You add the empty as the object offset to the array modifier and its data is used to adjust the array repetitions. So if the empty is located 2 units away on the x axis the array parts will be 2 units on x away from each other. With the same object centre a rotation of 90 degrees will place the next part 90 degrees from the last.

Nice fan by the way.

LoopyShane, thanks for the tip. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

aww, just extrusion, disappointed how long did it take??

Haha, sorry to disappoint you. Took about 2~3 hours modeling, and maybe an hour to get the materials the way I want.

EDIT: I’m still a bit wet behind the ears, so you know… it took a while.

because the blades have the only colour, it took me quite some time to notice the legs and special shape of the cover, the blades take the attention, maybe there’s a way to make the actually very beautiful casing stand out more than the blades of the fan? Because until I looked at the Vladan Lucic website, and then back at the fan I didn’t notice the actual model which is actually awesome! Is the design your own work, or is it a model of someone’s design?

Excellent post! Thank you!
A nice render too.

Divno Branko! Dobrodosao medju blenderase!

The model’s my own. I’m not a believer in seen-it-in-a-second stuff. I like it when you notice new things every time you look at it. :cool:

I was going to do an animation with this thing, to show the small details on the base and back, but I couldn’t make time for it… I’m sure you’d agree the spinning red blades would be awesome® than something a bit more neutral. :slight_smile:

well the first time I opened this post, saw the fan, totally dismissed it and went to other threads. Then they kept posting positive comments so I reread the post, and after visiting that link I finally noticed the shapes of the body. While I agree it’s good to leave something to discover, I do think the most important parts of an image should get the eyes attracted to them. On first glance it looks like a completely boring fan, because only the blades attract any attention, hell I didn’t even notice it on the second glance until I started looking for similarities with the artist’s work. There’s a difference between details that appear after time, and highlighting the wrong subject in an image.

It’s not that I don’t believe you. Sure, some people might not notice the details on the base and the body. But since the overal response was quite positive, I’ll have to dismiss your remark as an exception. Nothing personal, I just like it the way it is.

Post it in the fan thread on
it is awesome!

^ I think this is the direct link to the thread.