Root's Wrath

Hey all
Here is a little pic for my upcomming game :<

let me know what you think


SW33T!!! when do we get to play?! I love the breasts :smiley:
it looks really cool, I seriously can’t wait to play, what kindda game’s it gonna be?


Well it’s still in the early design stages, theirs no real story on paper just yet…its going to be eather a 3rd or 1st person i havent decided
It’ll be a while before its ready to play,
I’m just now learning the game engine :x

Chuck :<

The design is way cool.
The use of tatoos is a heck of a good idea to add detail to the characters without bugging down the speed.

Thanks for showing.

P.S. Do you have the Game Kit ? It’s worth the 30 or so Euros, bucks, whatever.

interesting idea, and cool design. im definately looking forward to playing your game!! :<