Rope animation problem


I’m working on a high height crane project. So my question is: How do you make it so when a rope attached to a replaceable object, extends and retracts according to the objects current height during an animation?


Simple way to simulate changing rope length is to use a bone along the rope tip to tip.

Put the head of bone at the dangling end. Add target by the head. This can be an Empty. Parent the bone to the rope. In Pose mode add “Stretch To” constraint to the bone. In “Stretch To” property, call out Empty as a target. Animate Empty up and down to make the rope change its length.

Could that be dome on a chain of bones? What I mean is, if the piece of rope had four bones to make it flexible, would your method still stretch the rope without adding girth to the rope?

When I’m doing this, the rope isn’t changing its length, only the bone?

I like to use a curv to animate the cable (rope) (er chain) … make a small piece of Rope… make a curve that folows where you want the Rope to go… (Remember you can animate the Curv to make the Cable Swing around if needed… Place an Array Modifier on the piece of Rope… set it to Fixed count and make it as long as you need the rope to be (you can change it later) Now with the Rope still selected add a 'Curv modifier" … under object select the curve you created… Set the deformation axis… now if you Grab and move the Rope object along the Deformation axis is will follow were ever the curv is at… use key frames to animate the Rope for up and down and key frame the curve for swinging the cable around…