Rope from cloth simulation - Problem with Mesh to Curve

Hi all, I also tried to simulate a rope, but tried with the cloth simulator. I made a two-dimensional flat ribbon (just a sequence of quads) and used that in the cloth sim, to wrap around an object. That went well. Then I applied the simulation, and removed one edge loop of my ribbon, so there was just an edgeloop left without any faces. This I converted into a curve and tried to add bevel. But this bevel is not “round” at all, its extremly flat-squashed in one dimension. Its like the beveled curve doesnt have a unified radius making the bevel a circle but indeed its an extremly stretched elipsoid. Is there any way to make this bevel round again? Maybe the local coordinate system got stretched or sth? Many thanks, col

hmm, without an acual image then I can’t really envision what your problem is. But it seems like you needed that edge loop that you removed to bevel it properly. If there is not enough edges to support distortion then you will get very strange results

Hello colorcurvature.

I did a few quick tests, and it seems that the greater the “Extrude” value the greater the “Depth” value must be in order to maintain a circular shape. You, of course, can’t go wrong with turning up the “Resolution” value as high as possible either.

Good night.