Rope/Pulley System Rig

Hello All!

I’ve been stumped for the past few hours and thought I would reach out.

I recently stumbled upon (and attempted to recreate) an ancient blender tut of a really simple/clean little pulley system. The rope is modeled with a curve and bevel object, and empties are hooked to each point on the curve as control points.

Toward the end of the explanation, the artist mentions, but does not demonstrate “parenting the first empty of the rope to the start value of the curve” Thus, creating an effect in which “pulling” on the empty hooked to on end of the rope animates the start value of the Bevel Factor. I am completely stumped as to any means of parenting an object to a “factor” or “value” of another. Any suggestions!? Perhaps any additional thoughts/solutions for rigging up a simple pulley demonstration?

Many thanks in advance!

I have done a tutorial on cord animations that might help you, but I am not sure of exactly what you want since you have not supplied an image or blend file for me to look at. the tutorial cant be found on my website Choose the Blender Tutorials" => “Cord Systems-1” option and follow it through. If that is not what you are looking for, you can adapt this a lot, give me more information and I can help further.

Cheers, Clock.

These are great! I look forward to spending some time with them. There are certainly aspects of this that are applicable to what I’m trying to achieve (maybe all if it - I haven’t been able to crack em open yet)

My apologies for not including some reference… I realize that stuff should be included in every post. Here’s an ultra simple screen cap… I want to be able to grab an empty hooked to one end of the cord where the 3d cursor is, and pull it through the pulleys. I’m a long time user but new to the forum, and wasn’t sure if I was allowed to post links, but this is basically what, it’s just in such an old version of blender that I got lost on his process right at the most important part…

OK, so to do this you would follow the principles in the “Snakes” part of my tutorial. Extend the curve for the path of the cord below the current end point as far as the desired “extended” end point. Add a bevel object for the cord profile (must also be a curve) and keyframe the Start and End locations, you could just keyframe the Start of the bevel and add a driver for the End so as you move one the other follows.

Let me know how you get on!

Cheers, Clock.