Rope Simulation by Cloth modifier

How cloth simulations works in Blender!? is it collide with an another abject based on Vertex or Polygon!?

I just want to create an rope has to be realistic.

  1. i created a plane, in edit mode deleted all vertex expect one. and by pressing E i just drawn a rope shape.

  2. Then added Cloth modifier.

  3. created a vertex group for pinning to stop falling in simulation.

now its working great in simulation!! but my prob is when i add an another object to collide with rope its not working!

i guess its just bcoz my rope object dont have polygon faces! it only has vertex and edges! if its the reason then how to make it work!!? pls help! :frowning:

is there any option to collide an cloth object (which only has vertex and edge) with an another object !!!