Rope wrapping techniques


Can you suggest the techniques you’d use if you wanted to wrap some objects with rope in Blender? Let me show you what I mean. That’s what I’ve done in Maya by drawing some curves wrapping the letters and then assigning hair system.

I am new to Blender and I am not sure if the similar effect could be achieved with hair particles, can you share your ideas?

Thank you!

Model a whole rope or make a segment and use an array modifier to make one any length you need (use

Use curves to position where you want the rope to go

Use a curve modifier on your rope object for it to follow the path of the curve. If you use the array modifier option above you can set it to ‘fit curve’ so it makes the array the length of the curve

Hi Richard,

Thanks for answering. Sorry, maybe I was not specific enough. I am new to Blender but I do know the basics, the problem is not to model the rope or deform it by curve, but to make a dense wrapping without modeling every ring by hand as it will take too much time and I believe it will not look realistic. Here’s a screenshot from Maya viewport, you can see that I’ve modeled only some of the guides (basically just the rings, they are not even connected), the rest is done by hair system that interpolates hair and maintains the collisions (intersections).

No images visible in either of your posts

Here’s one option to model and make materials for a rope
If it’s not exactly what you want but the concepts may help

Sorry, I am not sure why they are not visible, they are uploaded to my public dropbox, look fine to me. Here they are uploaded locally.

I can see your images now (dropbox blocked by company).

Describe exactly how you would previously make them to see if there is a blender equivalent tool

Well, at first I created closed curves that encircle my objects as seen on viewport screenshots. Maya has a feature of assigning hair system to curves. What it does is each curve becomes a hair follicle that is hanging in the air at exact position of a curve. Now when I have hair system setup I can add clumps (analog of hair particles interpolated children in Blender). As you can see in draft render, the resulting interpolated hairs lay on top of each other without interpenetration and form a dense wrapping.