I have a nooby question…
What is the best way to modelling Wires, Ropes enz…



I would recommend the screw tool. In front view create two circles of equal size, almost touching (or touching). In between create a vertical line of twice the circles’ height, and hit the screw button. There are other methods (I think I saw a fairly detailed rope tutorial in the tutorials forum) but this method is quick and easy.

there’s a really old tut on modelling a rope, i think theeth made it, not sure though. but anyway, it depends on how detailed you want it, what position it will be in, etc. a wire is much easier than a rope, though. to do a wire, you use two curves, and designate one as the profile, and one as the shape, using the ‘bev ob’ feature. then you can easily put your wire in any shape you want, or animate it. check the online manual or blender wiki for an explanation of bev ob. also, it has some new funtionality, that may not be covered in those. you can now make parts of your ‘wire’ fat or skinny by using ‘alt S’ on the control points of a curve. note, you will probably want your profile curve to be set to ‘3D’ in edit buttons. If you want, say, a hemp rope, with the twisty spiraling surface, bev ob won’t do it, so you’ll have to model, and rig it, i would suspect.
Here’s an example using Modron’s described process but using ‘T’ to twist the curve point to get the hemp braid - you’ll see the CurveCircle is actually made of 3 circles together as one curve, giving the necessary profile.

Curves are fun :smiley:

Not ropes or wires. This gives a good demonstration of how to model a chain.
You could substitute the chain in this for a modelled section of rope.