Rorschach Model

Hello everyone this is my newest model, I did a test render and clay render, hope you like it.

Old Version:

I use BI for both renders.


Great! Amazing model and great presentation.

Awesome! Excellent model and render! :smiley:

Great as always IkariGendo!

The only thing that stands out a bit is that the clothes are so perfectly clean. Maybe you could add some wear and dirt?

Nice work though!

Spectacular!!! :slight_smile:

most excellent work!

Thank you, Thanks to everyone.

Yep you’re right, i’ll do that, i just a test the lights and reflections, i’ll make him a little more dirt, not much, because that character doesn’t have heavy dirt in the references, only the game model have some heavy dirt with blood and some other stuff, for the final scene i think i’ll make him wet.

Another great model Bruno! :slight_smile:
Wow I can imagine a raining scene, it can be beautiful!

Ah…The Question’s Doppelgänger and…hey wait…isn’t that my suit and fedora he’s wearing!!! :slight_smile:

All joking aside, I think this is pretty good.

This is some great work!

And it fits perfectly with your Watchmen avatar :wink:

That’s… extremely disturbing…
But freaking awesome! The model is perfect!

Great job, this is awesome! The only thing that bugs me is the pants bump and the lack of dirt, but overall this is fantastic.
Keep up the good work.

PS: I love watchmen too.

Thanks folks, i’m really glad you guys liked it the model.
Jonatham, I just render with the basic color map, with no overlayer dirt whatsoever, so everything is kinda “clean” right now. But I’ll try to make a scene later with some rain effect, add dirt etc…I never try to make Rain effect before so I think would be a little dificult.
That render is just for testing the render time with heavy raytrace lights shadows, fake AO (Spot lamps), Raytrace AO, and image base environment light in BI, and took about 3 hours in 4800x27000.
I just have to thank you and Watchmen is a piece of art, really!

Sorry my poor english.

Really nice. I wonder if the hat isn’t too tight? And maybe the black parts of his mask should have some specularity because it’s supposed to be some sort of liquid. I don’t mind him being clean in this type of shot and environment.

It looks really good. The hi-res images really shows off the attention to detail. The materials look great. Perfect.

This is a great model.

looks really awesome, the only thing is that the coat looks like a sort of thick plastic rather than leather.

Thanks again, for the comments and criticism…
This is the final texture version (i think)…
The background is black to see the particle system working.

Next, I’ll make the wet shader with dynamic paint and some other stuff.

ikari,impressive work.

but I see some anatomical/proportional issues,the knee joints seem far too low,It seems to be similar on the arm too.

texture work looks great.very impressed by the folds.

Well, i think you’re right, because the “Mesh Deform cage” don’t fit quite nice with the model, i did that Clay render with some Shape key work.

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hi ikari,I only crit because I like your work,so I hope you don’t get angry.haha

I did some quick liquify and photoshop to show you what I mean.

these are crits I have.

1.Proportion,you have the knees too low as I mentioned.
2.When you stand,you usually rest the weight on one leg,and this leg usually isn’t bent,this also causes the hip to rise a bit.In my crit I have put the weight on right leg (screen left) so i made it straighter.

your WIP on the left,my quick fix on the right.Can you see how yours looks odd now?

Also,it helps if you actually get into the pose you are modelling,you will able to discover how the pose works by doing it yourself for real :smiley:

You don’t have to make these fixes,but maybe you can think about these things on your next project,looking forward to it :slight_smile:

you can look here at work by andrew loomis to get a better idea of proportions (obviously not everyone is the same,but its a good foundation)

hope this helps.

Edit: the bit of coat strap is bent in my crit,but that is just because of liquify,nevermind that,lol,but I made the strap that goes around his waist,diagonal,to create the illusion that his right leg has the weight.