rorschach - wc301

Thought I’d share with you some work I did for this weekend’s contest. Rorschach is a character from the Watchmen series of comics. If you haven’t read them, you’re missing out.
Each of the background raindrops is an animated textured plane. The mask is a sphere shrinkwrapped over a head, so there’s actually a face under there!

The 2nd image I tried to match as closely as I could with a frame from the Watchmen trailer. The blur was done in photoshop using the depth mask and lens blur.

I’d like to put this character into a more complex scene over the next few weeks, so hopefully there will be more to come.

I’d love to see it. Good job; i love Watchmen!.. we have to wait till march 09… :frowning:
Can we have a wire of the scene, please?

Nice render ZapWow. I love the Watchmen, in fact I have the series, which I think was only 11 or so issues. I hope they make it into a movie some day, it’s such a unique story and such interesting characters.

Modron, good news: it’s already a movie! It will be released next march. Trailer

Nice mood, though it looks like he’s got an absolutely massive nose under that bag, which as I recall was not one of his many problems.

Its beautifull
the nose kinda look big. Put up some more soon!:slight_smile: