Rose by a window

Hey there!
I am in the middle of a project of mine, where I’m making a red rose by the window. I am aiming for realism :slight_smile:
I do not know if the materials for the rose are accurate enough yet and I still need to get some textures for the leaves and stem in place. There is no window glass yet, only the frame.

Material for the rose itself

Please tell me anything that might need to change or added!

I realized that the angle for the previous picture was awkward and needed more room, so here is an update :slight_smile: I am planning to put a picture of some sort “behind” the window, but not sure what the picture should be yet. Thinking about a farmland with a little forest or something.

Back again! I fixed the angle a little bit to get more window shelf and added texture to the leaves.
Next up is textures for the stem and background! See ya then :slight_smile: