Rose (first organic model)

A project I started yesterday, but has come along much faster than I guessed it would.
This is a little experiment in the way of making organics, I have never done any plant or animal before, and so am trying it.

I am currently working on the material for the rose (any tips?), then I will work on adding an outdoor area.

Any C&C is welcome, you can be quite harsh if you want.

If its a rose you are modeling - I would say focus more on the rose, not the window. :slight_smile:

I echo the above. Try focusing on the rose, at least to begin with. Focusing on small objects teaches you a lot about details. Besides, we need a closer look at your rose in order to properly critique it. From what I see, the stalk looks a little too thin in comparison to the head of the rose.

I recommend you scourge Google images for reference photos. These reference images will aid you in making materials and textures as well.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Right, here’s the rose by itself.

and a clay render:

Thanks for the closeups. You have a good starting point, but you should try raising the bar and focusing a bit more on details.

Lighting wise the colored image is way too flat to make out any details. Try using more ao like in the clay render and maybe repositioning your main light behind the camera to achieve better shadows.

Based on images I looked at, especially these below (which resemble your rose quite closely), I’d say you need to subdivide your flower leaves to make them bend a bit downward at the top as well as add a bit of irregular bumps along the edge. It’ll take some more time because you’ll have to reposition more vertices, but it’ll be worth it. You might be able to model a single detailed leaf and get away with duplicating it and making a few changes to each dupli afterwards to avoid repetition.

Are you using the solidify modifier? If so it should be easy to lower the thickness of the flower leaves, since they are a notch too thick right now.

And as you can see on the photos the stalk needs to be thicker. Look closely at reference photos, and you’ll keep seeing things like this. So if something doesn’t look like the photographs evaluate why and try recreating it. If you have questions how to go about modeling certain details, post that here. Be harsh on your own work, and take notice of differences compared to the real thing. The more you do this, the more you’ll train your eye. Also, try tricking your mind into thinking that the object you’re modeling is 100 times larger than it is. Somehow imagining a small object like a rose is the size of a truck makes your mind focus more on details.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

I have done some work on the textures and have made a better variant.
I am using the solidify modifier, and so I have turned down the thickness.
I have made the stalk thicker.

leaves + thorns (ouch!)
spread the petals and add roughness into them
Work on the flowers ‘leaves’
anything else you think of…

Thanks for the crits, I love them and keep them coming.

Hmm, after looking at the pictures Mhpe provided, maybe you could give it a color ramp? To add some color variation rather than just red.

Its looking good so far. Keep going! :slight_smile:

Well, in the time the BA was down, I kind of finished this model to my own satisfaction. So here’s the image of what it ended up like:

try changing to coloring, it looks a little plastic…maybe give it a color ramp or two with a couple of textures, in thats it! other than that it looks good!

As mentioned before, I don’t really want to do any more on the model.

Take the blended border off. Always try and keep your border nice and crisp. The image right before that was pretty good, but you should darken that brownish-red background color.

Look at the post above you.

Look at the post above you.

My critique has absolutely nothing to do with the model itself, but fine.