Rose gold Ring with opal and tourmalines - Octane 2.83 Blender

I have been asked to create a new set of procedural gemstones for OCTANE. This is a render test made with OCTANE Blender 2.83 free tier. Ring designed with 3Design V9.5

The ring is real scale and ready for manufacture.

4K render 500 samples - 2 mins 39 secs with one 2080ti


It looks good. Hard to see if I can pear into the gems stones. What i would be looking for is inclusions.

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Looks nice! Could be a tad brighter, though.

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Yes, Octane for Blender handles metallic the basic way, at 0.999 you are still rough, at 1.0 well you are plain metallic. But this time the work was more on the gems, so I let the metal with no bump map and no roughness map either. The environment handles also a lot different than Cycles or Luxcore, so when the ring got nice reflection I stopped there.

In a couple of days I will publish more about the gemstones themselves. And, inclusions obviously came to the party.