Rose Skull

She looks mean, yet she’s sort of hip, ain’t she?

The pattern is inspired by the great SF of Philippe Druillet, the ribs remind me of Attack on Titan, the back ring is in between an Aztec-type gold disc and an aureole… Let’s face it; a millenial geek mash-up with a dark sauce…

Oh, and also:
Screenshot 2022-12-20 061353
Perfect match! Merry Christmas to all

As usual, I have borrowed the main elements from the CC library of sketchfab, links below.
“Rose Scan” ( by Bandit and “SKELETON (Esqueleto) - Downloadable” ( by Daniel Geraldini are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
Beetles, earrings and t-rex ribs CC0 from sketchfab


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart!

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Ah. I always wondered where your icon came from…
Nice model! Definitely a cool design!

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Thanks! I have something for girly skeletons it seems… (trying not to sound too weird)

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