hey all here is a pic that i was working on for a logo and decided to make it a full pic

let me know what you think


That is quite simply the most lolvely pic I’ve seen…

You’ve perfectly captured the soft, delicate nature of the flower petals… and the effect is further enhanced by the blurred, almost slightly transluscent background…

That is GREAT


wow not even what I expected. This is an excellent picture. I was expecting a simple 3D picture of a rose not a full blown piece of art.
Well done.


:smiley: Dang that beats the heck out of the rose I just modeled.
great job.

Truth is, what we imagine…and that then becomes our weird little reality…imagination comes from the little demons that excel us to drive forwards and upwards…you know, the ones that tell us which color to use, or how to arrange a composition in an order that’s pleasing to the eye…they are your only companions in reality…or is that just mine :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: Must just be yours. Mine is a sadistic muse who takes frequent, inconvenient coffee breaks. But when she actually cooperates, dang she is good. :smiley:

blended??? wow… that is absolutely insane… i like!


“i dream in mesh”

Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful image. Please, could you share with us how you did it? Great job.

How I did it was I took the surface/surface and shaped it first into an inverted teardrop shape…then extruded the four sides and rapped them under or folded them into a crescent shape…then I made copies with shift d, spread them out in a circle and moved them farther out and as I reached the outer parts I rotated them down and outward and then converted it to a mesh and made copy’s…I then set the remove doubles to 75 removed them and that’s the roses in the back and the rose in the foreground has one with the doubles removed under it I then used vortex editing to shape it more to a more chaotic shape then added a snail…and some stems with the mesh tube…as for the materials I used no out side textures the rose consisted of marble, clouds, wood, and noise… I played with the nor, button a lot to get a glowing look…added a world and the texture clouds and set the color to it the complement of the red rose texture added mist and a simple environment map that is covered with mist (I left it even though you cant see it very well because it made a slight variation in the back ground)…then orange and blue spot lamps keeping the color close to a grayed version…and that’s all that went into it…I guess simplicity is the key :smiley: