Rosemary's baby

(snailrose) #1

Hey all…here is a pic that I’ve been working on for the last 10 hours…let me know what I missed or stuff that strikes you as odd. I did some post work in Photoshop mostly layering it…let me know what you think…


(LohnS) #2

WOW, i really like this guy, great characteristics, great modelling, very great texturing, you have givin him a lot of emotion, i like him =D

(blengine) #3

oh i just love horns! he is very very great looking…awesome textures, but eyebrow seems flat and strecthed though…and the eye texture seems flat shaded, i say pop in shiny black eyes, or dreary zombie or dead eyes…or just darken the red inside the eye… =)

very awesome!

(snailrose) #4

Hey thanks for the comments…
here is an updated one


(CurtisS) #5

Very cool!
Great eyes!
Can we see the rest of him/her (whatever…)??

(snailrose) #6

Hey…as of now its just a bust no body, but when i get the time i might complete the model…i need to anyway :smiley:
oh yeah its a one of those demons that are not gender specific