Here’s my latest character…
Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:


Most excellent!

nice character!
your style remember me a little to Ahri from the League of Lengends CG short

Excellent work =)

not letting this sink!!! GREAT WORK :smiley:

Pure Beauty. I love the expression on her face. You have done such wonderful hard work with everything. The eyes, the clothes, the skin, the hair. Everything. It should be on top row, for me. Congrats!!!

Really really impressive art! to many beautiful things to count! the hair, the skin texture, the dress, the composition, the amount of detail!
The only thing… she is tooo beautiful!!!

Absolutly stunning.
How long did it take to make?

Thank you so much for all the kind comments! I’m glad you liked her~

@Ionwe - I worked on her for a little over a month…if I remember right :slight_smile:

Did the entire modeling process take this long or has it been due to something in particular?

She is very cute! Hard work pays off!

Well…I had some problems with the ruffle and also spent a while tweaking her face and hair, but I did take a lot of breaks in the middle as well~

Oh wow, excellent piece of art !!!

Well deserved top row, its a beautiful piece.


Amazing character and great job on this !

I haven’t written anything here for a long while, but I really have to applaud you on this – this is absolutely extraordinary.

Very well done!
Seeing your WIP a lot of work went into post corrections and effects – Would you be willing to share the render output without it?

Awesome! keep it up the good work, I really love the render and anatomy.

Vey Nice!! :slight_smile: 5*

Love the tones and the sharpness of each element

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:

Yup! I might have gone overboard with the post processing :stuck_out_tongue: Here it is~
I think the image looks a little sharper than actual because I couldn’t post the full res one…