Roswell Alien ("Gray")

Blender internal, with a bit of photoshop post: flare and the character halo.

I know, no WIP thread. This one goes along with the “cheesy sci-fi” theme I’ve been working on at the office – I have to whip these up fast.

Pretty nice, cool shader. But I think you could have taken it a lot further with post-pro. Quick example of what I think provides a more interesting mood to complement the model/shader:

My opinion, of course. Just a suggestion. Hope you don’t mind the modification.

Not at all. It’s pretty rewarding to see this sort of creative input. Now you’ll have to tell what filter(s) you used, 'cuz I think I’ll have an use for that look (on a different project) pretty soon!

Thats nice :slight_smile: I like your color scheme.

I pretty much desaturated it, duplicated the layer, added a radial (zoom) blur. I then set the blend mode to screen (I think).

I think that a little more length could be added to the bottom as well, it seems a little cropped close to the chin. Other that that, it’s pretty nice, good job.