rotate a cube that it is as high as possible, exact radius values

Hey there,

I have a strange question. :slight_smile:

I like to rotate a cube so that it is as high as possible. Thats not the problem but i really like to do this with exact values.

Check out the screenshot:

At the moment I am doing this by hand and it works ok. But when i extrude the cube in one or another direction the axis are not parallel anymore. So I like to rotate the cube like seen in the screenshot but with exact values for the rotation.

Another explanation how the cube should be rotated could be to imagine how it would act when you attach a string on one corner and let it hang.

Any ideas on where i can find the exact values?

erm… Im kinda unsure what you’re asking, but im guessing you want to find the center of mass?

theres an option for that in the object transformation options.