Rotate a texture

Is there a way to rotate a texture, which is mapped onto an object?

For instance I am trying to make some procedural textures. I have added a wood gain to one but the lines are running vertically when I want them to run horizontally, if I could rotate the texture or material then it would be orientated the way I want.

Or am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks.

well if your using uv mapping go into face mode then select all then go to uv image editor then rotate the faces 90 degreese if your using an image in the material textures go to textures then load your image and press a button called rot 90


in the [map input] tab in the material buttons will be an [x],[y], and [z] set of buttons. try fiddling with the [x] and [y] buttons…

or, you can use an empty to map your object, by using the [object] button (also in [map input]) and putting in the empty’s name

i hope this helps


Thanks for the tips fudge and Delta. I am still learning how to map textures. Right now I am trying to avoid UVs since I would like a faster workflow. I ended up changing the Map Input from Orco to Glob. The empty object is an interesting idea, that way I imagine I could rotate and move the empty object any way I want causing the texture to update and the geometry to stay where it is. Is this also one way of animating a texture?


you can animate your texture simply by rotating/grabbing/scaling your empty and keyframing