Rotate an Axis?

How to you rotate just the axis of an object?
For example, I have an aramture with the front facing it’s local -Y axis, but I need it to face the +Y axis, so I can use “track to” in the game engine. Does anyone know how? I already have a ton of actions setup, so If I flipped the armature in editmode, It would just mess them all up. :frowning:

why can’t you use track to constraint?

[select that bone, and add it in the object buttons]

also, if you use an old track on something you can change which axis tracks and which axis is up [the latter iirc doesn’t work in the game engine] with the buttons in the top left of the object buttons

you can’t change the axis orientation of bones, but for meshes it isn’t exactly straight forward [you use control+a after rotating your object or something]

Nevermind, I used R, Z, Z, and rotated 180 degress, then Ctrl+A :smiley:

Yeah, exactly. When you used Ctrl+A, what you told Blender is that: “I, the human, hereby decree that this position for the object is, and forevermore shall be, the (0,0,0) position.”

Blender obligingly forgets about the “original” position, rotation, scale, etc. of the object and treats the object’s new position in space as the new “original position.” The object is now deemed to be un-transformed, and all future transforms (scale/rot/project) are based on this starting state.

(Hey, this might be the only time when a computer actually listens, and does what you say.) :wink:

Ctrl+A makes:
The current location = 0,0,0
The rotation X,Y, and Z = 0
and the Size = 1
For armatures however, it has some strange consequences, so that’s why I had to use R,Z,Z (Rotate around local Z axis)

The mathematical explaination is less poetic. Less stick to yours. :wink:

lemmy: ctrl-A for armatures affect the whole object. If you want to affect individual bones, you’d have to rotate them by hand in edit mode.


for mesh object, you could use the ‘axis orientation copy’ in the script menu.

it doesn’t rotate the axis but copy the orientatino of the active object’s axis to the selected object.
for example : add a cube, enable axis, add an empty, rotate it, select the cube then the empty, activate the script. the cube’s axis are now aligned with the empty.

one restriction : if there’s child object, they rotate.


cool, I never knew that ws there. :slight_smile: