Rotate and Pan

Hello. With a two button mouse with a scroll wheel, you should be able to click and hold the scroll button to rotate and click it and hold shift to pan. When I click my middle mouse button, the blender window just gets sent to the back of the pile if i have more than one window open. Has anyone had any problems with the rotate with middle mouse button? I can’t get it to work for anything. I have even tried to install different versions of blender, still no luck. Thanks for any help. Later…

Which OS ?

Whatever OS you are on, update it.
Only a guess.

Yeah, thanks. That’s probably it. I have recently built this computer and there is no internet where I live, so I haven’t updated it yet…

If you are using Max OSX, go to System Preferences, Expose/Spaces, Expose tab, and make sure ‘All Windows’ second drop down box to the right is set to something like MouseButton 5 or higher. Same thing with the dashboard.