Rotate and Scale Gizmos not working

Hey all, I’m a beginner at this whole Blender thing (Maya veteran) and I somehow locked the rotate/scaling gizmo in Object mode.

The gizmo works for translation in all or specific directions, but rotating and scaling don’t work from the gizmo in the viewport. It says I’m changing values in the bottom info bar, but nothing changes. However, the sidebar works, so I can change rotation and scaling from there.

I’m presuming I locked something somewhere, but not sure. This also only affects object mode, not edit mode, which seems to work fine.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Ensure you do not have this button selected on the 3d view header


Bingo, thanks!

So many simple little things that I’m not aware of yet and this interface is very daunting. It hasn’t helped that all of the tutorials I’m finding are for the previous GUI…

And yeah, that was really helpful tips. I’m trying to debate on whether or not I want to sacrifice comfort and go for the Blender presets over the Maya ones. I’m guessing it ends up being better in the long run…