"Rotate around selection" is not saved :( [Solved]

Just wondering if it’s anyone else’s biggest issue with 2.5x that “Rotate around selection” is not saved…

I’ve got to say that 2.5x is a wonderful piece of software and I’m fully (painfully?) aware that it’s still a beta, but one thing that could really numb the pain if not get rid of the source (damned bugs!) is being able to save the user preferences option “Rotate around selection”.

I mean to say… It’s in the “User preferences” context and surely the prefences of the user should be saved along with the *.blend file right?

I know it’s a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things but if I’d really like a way of saving this setting.

I’ve tried editing the file <install directory>\2.55\scripts\ui\space_userpref.py but this only seems to apply after I’ve opened “User preferences” and gone to the “Interface” tab, which kinda defeats the point of saving the setting in the first place.

Anyone got any hacks that allow users to do this?

It saves perfectly fine for me. After you selected the option did you save is as a default (Ctrl+U or the ‘Save as Default’ button at the bottom of the User preferences panel)?

I could have sworn I’d hit that “Save as default” button a dozen times. It might have been confused if I had multiple versions open?

Anyway, it’s working now, thanks. :slight_smile: